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Pappas-Rudnick Residence

Project Sudden Valley

This fun and vibrant couple came to me in need of a bedroom retreat to escape  the demands of life and children (of the 2-legged and 4-legged variety).  Though this would be their adult oasis, the materials and finishes needed to stand up to the realities of a bustling household where Mom & Dad's bed is everyone's favorite home base.


To green or not to green?

The first order of business was landing the color!   The homeowners were not married to the existing white walls, but at first the proposed dark grey-green felt (understandably) like a big leap.  I was thrilled when they called me and said "Let's go for the green walls!"


The Nitty Gritty

Once the anchor pieces were in place, all that was left was filling in with beautiful (but durable) details that would give the room the cozy feeling they were looking for:  layered rugs and bed linens, old world accents like clay and Kilim, and artwork hand-selected by the homeowners.


Operation Good Sleep

Next up was getting custom draperies hung on their big beautiful windows.  These two are serious about their sleep (we're talking noise machine, diffuser, eye masks, the whole 9 yards) and the abundance of morning light, plus the neighbor's giant neon light sculpture, were not doing their sleep ritual ANY favors.  


Key Pieces 

Third on the list was upgraded lighting.  The old pendant was not their style and as avid readers, bedside sconces were a must. We selected fully articulated lighting that would give focused light and chose natural shades to complement the beautiful new pendant light, handmade in Africa.

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